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Here at Patrick Saddlery our speciality is handcrafted, made-to-measure saddles, which fit flawlessly to both horse and rider.

Our family-run business formed in 1996, when it was formally known as Hunter Saddlery. In 2005, it became what it is today, Patrick Saddlery in Walsall, England – the heart of the saddlery trade. It is owned and run by myself and my wife, Janet.

I have more than 45 years of experience in saddles. Combine that with the rest of my team, and we have 150 years of experience in the skilled area of saddle-making, with enough passion and drive to keep on maintaining our excellent reputation.

Our saddles are elegant and bespoke, which is why our name has spread to the likes of America, Canada and Europe, where our saddles are now sold.

We combine English craftsmanship with European elegance, reflecting the true art of saddlery.

If you have any questions about our saddles and saddle-making, we are more than happy to help. Simply click here.

Master Saddler Patrick Keane



At Patrick Saddlery we have an extensive collection of saddles. Whether it’s for dressage or eventing our saddles are all hand made with every eye for the smallest detail. We offer saddles for any riding age and skill level. See how we make the saddles here.


The Leggero Dressage

Close contact lightweight Dressage Saddle

All in one monoflap and panel design for a close contact feel

Unique Leggero panel

Sizes 16.5” to 18.5”. Special order 16” and 19”plus

8 different block styles plus a fully custom choice

7 saddle tree choices


Juno Dressage

Sizes 16.5” to 18.5”  special order 16” and 19” +

3 different panel styles – freedom, PK and standard English.

Moulded flap design

2 different block style choices in velcro or static

Built on traditional wooden spring saddle tree with a choice of 7 different shape profiles

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Liberty Dressage

Sizes 16.5” to 18.5” also special order 16” and 19” or larger

3 different panel styles – freedom, PK and Standard English.

The Liberty saddles features

Mono flap with independent panel

Outside Block

8 different blocks

Full custom leg position

4 flap sizes Standard, 1” shorter, and 1” longer and fully custom

Built on traditional wooden spring saddle tree with a choice of 7 different shape profiles

4 different trees fits from profile to full custom fit

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Patric Jump Saddle

Double flap close contact jumping saddle all Calf covered colours available
Black, Conker, Cognac and Dark Havana.
Felt/wool flock panel
7 different flap positions
Sizes 16.5" to 18" 
18.5" special order
Choice of 3 different knee blocks or custom made narrow to wide tree
fittings or custom fit.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.45.04.png

Luso Jumping Saddle

The ultimate luxury in a jumping saddle
Covered in Italian calf with genuine alligator trim colours available Black,
Conker, Cognac and Dark Havana.
Felt/wool flock panel
7 different flap positions fittings or custom fit.
Sizes 16.5" to 18" 
18.5" special order
Choice of 3 different knee blocks or custom made narrow to wide tree


Society Event Saddle

Monoflap saddle in Black, Conker, Cognac and Dark Havana Italian covered calf
2 flap positions Felt/Wool flock panel
Sizes 16.5" to 18" 
18.5" special order
Choice of 2 knee blocks or custom narrow to wide tree fittings or custom fit.

Leather options

HIDE - Italian calf - Black, Cognac, Conker and Brown

CRUISER - Buffalo, Doe Skin

SOLID - German double oiled, Standard hair cell , Buffalo Black or Brown

PRINTED MEMEL - Heavy weight, Textured leather Brown, Black and Oxblood


Alligator - Black, Cognac and Conker (export Cites licence approved)  ( 191)


Other skin options

Mock croc colours – Masai, Giraffe, Flycatcher, Acacia tree, wet hippo, Ostrich   (  333.5)

Patent leather – Dove, Caramel, Jaffa, Ruby, Wild Cherry, Quality Street, Cobalt, Cadbury, Lead and Black( 333.2)

Welting colours Black, Brown, Ruby, Caramel, Wine, White, silver.

Patent Welting- Jaffa Quality St, Ruby, Wild Cherry, Black, Cobalt, Brown, Silver and Lead( 333.11)

Matching welt in loops


Add some sparkle with Swarovski crystals.

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Saddle fitting for a made to measure saddle

The saddle is the most important link between the horse and rider. A well-fitting saddle enables your horse to perform at their best and allows the rider to sit correctly.

We will ask you about your horse’s health, age, and any behavioural quirks that your horse may have, as well as information about yourself and your riding experience.

We use various methods to take 28 measurements of your horse, including the length of its back and its height. This information is transferred to our horse simulation tool at the workshop.

We will have demo saddles for you to try and will ask you to sit in one of our grid saddles to ensure perfect block placement. We will also take you through a process to establish which saddle tree would best suit you and your horse.

Finally, you will be able to choose from a wide range of leathers and embellishments for your made-to-measure saddle.

All of this results in a perfect fitting saddle every single time.


If you would like to get in touch for any of your requirements please fill out the form below and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Our Office

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Tel: 01922 610956
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Every saddle featured on this website is made by Patrick Saddlery, in Walsall, England. They are made using the finest leather hides and materials, and are handcrafted by Master Saddler Patrick Keane and his team.

Each saddle is covered by warranty, so buyers are covered in the improbable event of a manufacturing fault. See further details below:

If the saddle is used under normal conditions and a breakage to the tree occurs, we would offer a five-year warranty.

Any other components of the saddle will have a two-year warranty against any manufacturing errors or defects.

Any claims made under warranty that are the result of improper use, carelessness, lack of maintenance, wear and tear and non-compliance of the aftercare provided will not be accepted.

If the saddle has been changed or tampered with, this will also invalidate your warranty.

All claims will be reviewed by Patrick Keane before a decision is made as to whether the repair will be covered by our warranty.

Proof of purchase will be required when submitting your claim and the original owner must be the person making the claim. If the saddle has been sold, the warranty becomes void.

The cost of shipping the saddle to us and the return shipping back would be the responsibility of the owner.

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